DJ Flowspark...

embraces you with housemusic at its best. His boundless devotion and cheerful energy makes people connect to the music and eachother. With his keen sense of people and music he plays sets that surprises and moves a wide audience. So get ready for non-stop experience that will make you dance and smile endlessly!

Light sparks, share flow and spread love!

Ralph Touwslager started a new hobby that became a calling as DJ Flowspark! Even though he started DJ-ing and producing at the age of 42, sharing music and connecting people is his passion. In 2020 he appeared at VIVRE festival and he has never left that stage since. Now a couple of years later more venues want to enjoy his heartfelt personality and his warm groovy style. He loves to combine funky, tribal and pounding house music with uplifting baselines, melodies and vocals, with an occasional flash of a guilty pleasure ;-). Next to a passionate a dad, husband, entrepreneur he is also as a passionate DJ nowadays. When you are looking for uplifting and warm energy, DJ Flowspark is the one to watch out for.


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Tel:  +31 (0) 627 421 277

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